Water Facility Commissioned

Water Facility Commissioned

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A clean water station where children and families can access water for drinking and domestic purposes will help students to be: 

  • Less vulnerable to water borne diseases because they do not have to drink from ponds and streams

  • Well hydrated at both school and at home

  • Better rested and more attentive in school because they do not have to spend hours walking in search of water

Lunch Project


In many households the end of the dry season means there is not enough food to go around. Many children do not have the energy to go to school during these months and attendance drops dramatically.  We have begun to provide food at the end of the school day for any child who has attended classes.  The kids will come for the food and learn in the process.  Attendance has increased dramatically.

25c a day feeds a child. $20 US per month

will feed 5 students lunch every day

for the entire school year. 

Can you commit to $20 dollars per month?



Children in villages want to learn but they do not have learning resources such as pens and books.  School supply drives help teachers and students.

We have completed several school supply drives and look forward to continuing through generous donations from people like you.



Clean and accessible water for students    |    Lunch program for health and mental acuity
Educational supplies to students and teachers      |     Student incentives to enhance learning and reduce drop out rate
Teacher incentives to improve commitment and dedication

Who We Are

Education for Everyone!

In an effort to intervene in the cycle of poverty, The Maalgo Project aims to make education accessible to rural communities and to provide the resources necessary to raise the standard of learning in the more remote regions of the globe. Sustainable learning facilities, teacher training programs and after school programs are implemented on a local level by the community, so that access to education will not be a factor by which the poor remain poor.

“And whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones….will surely not lose his reward.”

- Matthew 10:42

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